OAI12 Sessions: The Future of Open Science

OAI12 Session 5

The Future of Open Science

Chaired by Tiberius Ignat and Jens Vigen

The topics of this section are broad, from a visionary look into how the world will look like if the research process is fully transparent, to more specific conversations about the future of scholarly communication, research data, open research and commercialization, etc.

The future of open science aims to distill from existing experience and to suggest a possible future for open science. Tiberius and I both favour exploring a deep and diverse view on what open science and its consequences could be. We believe that a genuine contribution to open science is to explore all of its implications, to anticipate consequences, to manage risks and opportunities, to offer equal opportunities to the public, private, NGOs, etc. Not the least, to distil and reward those working hard and with good intentions for research.

This session is a mix of 15-minutes contributions, lightning talks and a live conversation. It will combine opportunities with challenges, hopes with cautions. Not everything will suggest a world of splendours if open science is achieved. This session aims for ground based experience, anticipation and realistic views on what mankind should expect when science becomes a fully transparent process, from data collection, through methods and software, to the peer-reviewed and public output.

Friday 10 Sept. 2021

All dates and times are Central European Summer Time (CEST)

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