OAI12 Sessions: Scholarly publishing

OAI12 Session 1

Scholarly Publishing

Chaired by Martyn Rittman and Marco Tullney

Scholarly publishing is highly diverse and constantly changing. Over the previous decades it has responded to a number of large challenges on the global and local levels. In this session we aim to take a snapshot of the current status of the industry with a global perspective and explore emerging models of open publishing. Which open access strategies can work together, and which lead to conflict? How do we value the diversity of models, and where do we need clear and more uniform strategies? What challenges do scholar-led, community-owned publishing initiatives face? What impact can we expect from transformative agreements and other big deals in the different regions of the world? Are the Plan S principles applicable worldwide, are they necessary or sufficient? How sustainable are existing open access strategies and business models?

Monday 06 Sept. 2021

All dates and times are Central European Summer Time (CEST)

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