OAI12 Sessions: Diversity, inclusion and collaboration

OAI12 Session 4

Diversity, inclusion and collaboration

Chaired by Catherine MitchellWouter Schallier and Katherine Skinner

The conversation on innovation in scholarly communication is still very much dominated by white males from institutions from the Global North. We strongly believe that innovation in scholarly communication would benefit from correcting this bias and opening up a true, inclusive dialogue among stakeholders with more diverse backgrounds and profiles. How can we convert scholarly communication into a global, participatory, accessible and equitable ecosystem? What strategies might we use to make our in-person, hybrid and online conferences and events as open and accessible as possible? Rather than simply focusing on Western models for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, as well as for Open Access and Open Science, what can we learn from the different approaches to achieving these goals as practiced in non-Western settings? And, most broadly, how can science and scholarly communication best help facilitate multilateralism, mutual understanding and international cooperation?

Thursday 09 Sept. 2021

All dates and times are Central European Summer Time (CEST)

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