OAI13 Watch Parties

For the 2023 conference, the Scientific Committee decided to try to bring in-person networking to a worldwide online conference by introducing local watch parties! 

Below you find info about watch parties that are already scheduled. Please contact us at contact@oai.events if you wish to organize one, too.

Essex Watch Party
Monday, September 4th

Join together with members of University of Essex research community to watch a live conference session from the OAI13 conference. At 16:40 BST, we’ll be tuning into the 35-minute session “Scholarly Publishing is broken. How do we fix it?”. Following the session, we will have time to informally chat about the content over drinks and nibbles. If you’re interested in joining, you can get additional info and sign up on University of Essex website 

Geneva Watch Party
Wednesday, September 6th

Home of OAI, the University of Geneva is hosting a watch party on Wednesday, September 6th. Starting at 1:30pm local time with a summary of the previous sessions (Monday and Tuesday), it will go on with a live watch of session 3 about Diamond Open Access. The day will end with a Share Your Drink, a reminiscence of the time the event was hosted in Geneva. If you are interested to join it, please register online. For further information, please write us at contact@oai.events

London Watch Party


The Watch Party in London, originally scheduled on Friday, September 8th, unfortunately had to be postponed. If you have any question about it, please contact: openscience@ucl.ac.uk

Bristol Watch Party

Friday, September 15th

A morning viewing session followed by a networking lunch, and an optional afternoon viewing session depending on numbers.  We’ve preselected talks for the morning session but the afternoon will be a free choice based on attendee preference.  Spaces are limited so please reserve your spot at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/oai13-watch-party-bristol-tickets-704456728037

Australasia Watch Party


The live times of the OAI13 sessions are not ideal for Australasia, so this virtual watch party is being planned for the week after OAI13. The format will be: one of the recorded sessions will be played, and then the floor opened for a discussion about local implications. Anyone interested in receiving information about the event can contact dkingsley@csu.edu.au