OAI13 Call for Papers - Implementing the UNESCO recommendations on open science

The UNESCO recommendations on open science agreed in November 2021 see the opportunity to increase participation, accelerate research, and work against misinformation by making science more open. Similarly, in the US the OSTP memo from August 2022 calls for an open approach to support innovation and make progress in key global challenges such as environmental justice, cancer research, and protecting civil liberties.

There are four key pillars to the UNESCO recommendations:

  • open scientific knowledge
  • open science infrastructures
  • science communication
  • open engagement of societal actors
  • and open dialogue with other knowledge systems

This session seeks to explore the implementation of these and similar initiatives to promote open research on a global scale and their likely consequences. We are seeking contributions from different parts of the globe and various organisation types. Aspects to cover may include national frameworks for implementation; challenges and opportunities for stakeholders (e.g., publishers, universities, libraries); development and support of repositories for data, software, preregistrations, etc.; evidence of downstream benefits of open research for business, innovation, and society.

We are seeking contributions for 3 talks of 15 minutes followed by discussion with conference participants. Suitable contributions not selected for a talk will be invited to submit a poster. Please submit an abstract of up to 300 words by Sunday 29 January 2023 in the form below.

Any problems or to discuss your submission, please contact the session’s chairs: mrittman@crossref.org and jens.vigen@cern.ch.