OAI13 Call for Papers - Ownership of scholarly infrastructure

Open research needs open infrastructure in order to reach its potential. A broad range of organisations provide infrastructure that members of the scholarly community rely on, with a diversity of size, resourcing, and governance models. Are these organisations well-resourced and sustainable? What would happen if they could no longer continue to operate? Who should fund these services? Where are there gaps in the current infrastructure? How do we ensure the long-term availability and openness of the services? What role can and should commercial organisations play in running infrastructure? This session seeks to examine these questions along with the crucial roles that these organisations play. 

We are looking for speakers from different backgrounds to present for 15 minutes followed by a further 15 minutes of discussion. Proposals can address any area relevant to open scholarly infrastructure, including current issues facing infrastructure organisations, gaps in current infrastructure and emerging solutions, case studies of successfully implemented infrastructure elements, and discussion of the governance and funding of open infrastructure. To apply, please submit an abstract of up to 300 words by Sunday 29 January 2023, using the form below.

Any problems or to discuss your submission, please contact the session’s chairs: mrittman@crossref.org and marco.tullney@tib.eu.