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OAI12 – The Geneva Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication will be held virtually from 6-10 September 2021. The main themes of this edition are:

  • Scholarly publishing
  • Digital research data in the era of EOSC and FAIR
  • Reproducibility and research integrity
  • Diversity, inclusivity and collaboration
  • The future of open science
    • (Call for papers is
      closed. We thank all 19 applicants. Results will be announced soon.)

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What insight!! Thanks to the contributors in the final Panel session of #OAI12, discussing the future of Open Science, for a really fascinating exploration of ideas… See https://oai.events/ to replay any of the #OAI12 sessions @DavidPriceUCL @UCLopenscience @TiberiusIgnat https://twitter.com/senseaboutsci/status/1436283677407858715

Sense about Science@senseaboutsci

What a great discussion, so many takeaway points but an insightful ending from @kanderson – “We have shifted from a knowledge economy to an attention economy.” We will share the replay when available. Thank you #OAI12.

#OAI12 has also been mentioned on twitter a few times… if you are interested, you can explore the tweets here. Thanks @mhawksey for the TAGSExplorer and @hauschke for setting this up again.


Thanks to everyone who registered for & has attended #OAI12. Attenders come from over 86 countries & the total number of logins over 5 days is over 1300. Open Science is a global movement & we have enjoyed opening up the subject across the world. Come back in 2 years for OAI13!

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closed. We thank all 19 applicants. Results will be announced soon.