Dr Nokuthula Mchunu

Dr Nokuthula Mchunu

African Open Science Platform

Dr Nokuthula Mchunu is the Deputy Director at the African Open Science Platform hosted by the National Research Foundation, South Africa. Dr Mchunu has a wealth of experience in academia outreach programmes, the popularisation of science, and STEM with local communities. She was senior Researcher from the Agricultural Research Council of South Africa in the Biotechnology Platform. She completed her doctoral degree in fungal genomics, was previously a senior scholar in the Department of Biotechnology of Durban University of Technology for more than 15 years. She has also served as a scientist in a number of international institutions including the University of Cincinnati (USA), Lund University (Sweden), Tianjin University, (China) and the Centre for Chemical Biology (Malaysia). She is the first recipient of the Young Scientist Programme between China and South Africa. Her research focused on Covid and pathogen surveillance in wastewater, fungal genetics, Cannabis and Africa legume genomics.

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Implementing the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science September 7, 2023
11:00 - 12:00

How Open is Open? The African Perspectives

Advances in digitalization and the drive to equitable access to knowledge have given as the open access publishing and scholarly communication industry. This publishing industry generally provides an internet based digital platform for the publication of research output with unrestricted access to the public. The growth of open access publishing and scholarly communication has been very remarkable in the global North. However, this has created a huge financial burden in many developing countries in sharing their findings as the author needs to pay thousands of dollars. This, session will not be discussed in detail this obvious inequity, because there is much more hidden challenge that the globally north general does experience. the knowledge might free available to access digitally, however can everyone access equally? Is the cost of access/connection the digital platform equitable in all geographical locations?

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