Dr Marie Louise Conradsen

Dr Marie Louise Conradsen

Aarhus University

Marie Louise Conradsen is Head of Open Science at Aarhus University. Since 2016, she has developed the university’s practice of using open science as a new model for industry collaboration - within several research areas. She now leads the university’s largest open science platform, the ODIN initiative. Marie Louise is also part of several international research projects that aims to map the anatomy of open collaborations. She has a strong interest in need- and research driven innovation, as she has approached the topic from many different angles from within academia – and also as chief consultant in the private sector. She holds a PhD from Copenhagen Business School and a MSc in Molecular Biology and The History of Science from Aarhus University.

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The Future of Open Science 10 Sep 2021

The balancing act: Timing openness and commercialization to optimize societal value from university research