Dr Lucy Barnes

Dr Lucy Barnes

COPIM, ScholarLed, Open Book Publishers (United Kingdom)

Lucy Barnes ORCID logo is Editor and Outreach Coordinator at Open Book Publishers, a leading academic-led Open Access book publisher. She does outreach work for the COPIM (Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs) project and for the ScholarLed consortium. She is currently developing the Open Access Books Network (oabooksnetwork.org) in collaboration with OAPEN, OPERAS and Sparc Europe, and she is on the Editorial Advisory Board for the OAPEN Open Access Books Toolkit. She is also (slowly but surely) completing a PhD on nineteenth-century theatrical adaptations of novels and poetry. You can find her on Twitter @alittleroad.

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Scholarly Publishing 06 Sep 2021

‘Scaling Small’: A strategy to support scholar-led, open access book publishing


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